Everything begins with a vision

Goda ledare skapar en vision

King Solomon, a leader of wisdom, says, "Without vision, the people perish."

Good leaders create a shared vision for the development of their organization. In this vision, human energy is coordinated and directed towards common projects. When everyone pulls together, great achievements are made. To have something in common, we need to let each other participate in it. Good leaders involve their employees by communicating, creating understanding, and fostering participation. Together, the organization builds an inspiring overall picture of opportunities worth working towards and feeling proud of. Such a vision encompasses and inspires everyone around us; suppliers, customers, and the public.

Key questions arise: What world do we want to help create? Who do we want to be in our market? What do we want to be known for in our communities? Questions like these provide the deeper connection to meaningfulness and relevance that we all need. Our own personal vision and life philosophy as leaders have a significant impact in these contexts.

"The wise think about the future."

A personal vision extends over our lifetime and includes all of life's important areas; family, health, work, and leisure. We all have a creative ability to envision the future. To see the possibilities and potential in ourselves and others, in the company or organization. We see how everyone in our family is in good health and full of energy, how our company creates greater value for customers and society, how our leisure time is filled with relaxation and enriching activities. It is in our dreams and visions that we allow it to emerge, which we later realize in our development process.

Everything is created twice. First, the mental creation happens in our inner realm of imagination. Then comes the material creation that takes shape in our external reality. The mental creation occurs in the form of dreams, hopes, goals, and plans. Just like a blueprint before the house is built. The material creation is when we are engaged in the actual construction of the house.

...and continues with motivation.

"Look straight ahead! Fix your eyes on what lies before you."

Shaping visions provides the drive towards the future. We seek something meaningful to strive for and be inspired by. An inspiring and integrated vision, based on guiding values, makes us feel that our lives have a purpose and meaning. It influences our thoughts, actions, and how we prioritize our time. The vision becomes the driving force behind everything we do.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."

It is important to check in on the plans made regularly. A good leader helps their group gain perspective on what's happening and a progressively broader grasp of the whole. What is going well and what needs to be developed for us to move forward?

Most things worth striving for take time to achieve. With a clear vision and a growing determination, our human energy is concentrated to persevere.

"With too few advisors, plans go awry. But with many advisors, they succeed."

A credible and comprehensive anchoring of the vision leads the process forward. We involve our employees by highlighting and building on common values, needs, interests, hopes, and dreams. By emphasizing the common, we become secure and can see each other's individual strengths as resources for the group's overall development.

Creating a culture guided by visions and values takes time. It requires both brain and heart, as well as a good concept. Simplicity, participation, communication, and repetition are keywords.

"It is foolish to dream instead of acting, and a multitude of empty words can bring about ruin."

It is every leader's responsibility to demonstrate how the vision can be realized, to focus on common goals that are measurable and trackable. These goals are then linked to individual goals and action plans. With an inspiring vision, supported by guiding values translated into action, we create the future we want to have.